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Friday, March 05, 2010 Appaman ACC has an Affair in Pretty Things

Spring has finally sprung and word has it from our retailers across the land that our current season is flying off the shelves. We’d like to think that is in large part due to some really stellar graphics, not only from Harald’s desk but from our Artist Capsule Collection. Last season you saw us collaborate with NYC Street Artist AVONE, so this year we sought out a feminine touch to bring something special for the girls. Tokyo illustrator Kayo Aiba is that “something special”.

Our faithful Accounts Manager, Megan told us of a café in Soho that specializes in Japanese renditions of American fare so we stopped in for a bite one afternoon. As we stepped in the entryway we were greeted by these enormous tapestries made of patchwork fabric and stitched line work that we instantly fell in love with. We asked the owner of the café how we could reach the artist, enlisted the help of our friend Hiroko to do some translating, and the rest as they say, is history!

Kayo’s designs for Appaman reflect the same flowing lines, sophisticated compositions and textural aspects of her larger works. When we asked her what the focus of her work is, she put it very simply: “Prettiness”. We hope that our offering in collaboration with Kayo makes little girls from every corner of the world feel their prettiest, wear after wear.

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