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Friday, April 30, 2010 Friends of Appaman

As the shipping season winds down here at Appaman HQ, we begin the preparing for the part of the job we love the best: the photo shoot! Our samples for Spring-Summer 2011 will be arriving soon and once Harald and Lynn get back from their annual trip to Norway (bringing gifts of brown cheese and caviar for all) we will wrangle our precocious little models, set up the backdrop and lights and brace ourselves for the whirlwind.

The calm at the center of the storm documenting it all is our friend and fellow Brooklynite, Neil Beckerman.

Neil has been photographing our collection since Spring 2009 and frankly, we’ve never looked better. He has worked for an extensive list of ad and publishing juggernauts comes from a strong background in Portrait and Sports Photography, making him perfectly equipped to handle a room full of spastic 6 year olds, high on fruit juice and cookies. We feel that he really captures the spirit of our collection and also shines a light on the personalities sporting them. He’s taken our visual presentation to the next level and for that we are totally grateful. As our samples come in and we begin planning the shoot, we cannot wait to see what Neil has up his sleeves.

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