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Sunday, June 20, 2010 Giving Credit Where Credit's Due

A business is only as good as the faces representing it. If this is true, we feel like we have a really great thing going because our regional reps are where it's at! We'd love to give them all a shout out.

In New England we have Dan and Judy Greenberg, two very kind and enthusiastic folks with the patience to guide anyone through the multitude of options in the children's market. They are a great couple to work with.

The Midwest has us with Kristine Prugh at Twinkleberry and Sons, a focused and driven woman. She has a great repore with the businesses in her region. She can always be counted on to come through with an order and she always seems one step ahead of the rest.

Lisa Fentress at Mami and Babi in Colorado has been with us for a long time and though her territory is more isolated, many of her stores have been with us since our first year. Lisa is the kind of person that maintains strong relationships with her stores. She is super sweet and always come with a smile.

In Atlanta, our bubbly rep Ali Thompson dominates the scene. She's got a really great territory and definitely makes the most of it. She's got a winning personality and can sell ice cubes to eskimos! We love it!

Dallas, Texas is home to Cultivated Kids Showroom and Jill Griffith. Our relationship with Jill has grown exponentially through the years and she and her team have become a real powerhouse in the region. Our recent trip to hang with them was a riot. 

On the west coast, In Play Showroom is rocking the house in a big way. The whole team is energetic and fun, lead by Sandra Martinez who has her finger on the pulse of what's happening in California and in the industry as a whole. Sandra came in for Summer's birthday and she is not only hard working but girl, can have a good time too!!

These trusted folks are one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle for 
us, and we have been incredibly blessed to find such a great assortment of personalities to do us justice. So with that, we'd like to tip our hats to our wonderful reps and thank them for a job well done! Thanks, guys! We couldn't do this without you

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