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Tuesday, January 08, 2013 Sarah Jessica Parker's Twin Daughters Are Coordinated and Fashionable In Appaman Outerwear

It's been a stylish winter for Tabitha and Loretta Broderick, 3 year-old twin daughters of Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick. The adorable mini-fashionistas have been spotted all over NYC in cute and coordinated ensembles, no doubt thanks to their style icon mom.


Their jackets of choice? Appaman!


Here's the trio in matching motorcycle style. SJP's leather moto jacket looks great with the girls' Appaman Rivington Jackets:

sarah jessica parker twins matching motorcycle rivington jackets 

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Rivington Jacket (Black)


Just as cute as Red Riding Hood herself in coordinating Little Red Jackets, accessorized with one hot pink knit Emma Hat:

sarah jessica parker twins toggle coat 

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Little Red Jacket (Jolly Grape)

Little Red Jacket (Big Top Red)

Emma Hat (Stiletto)


Carrie Bradshaw herself would undoubtedly approve of the fur-collared, double-breasted Madison Coat, accessorized with a floppy, bright purple Ombre Cap:

sarah jessica parker daughter madison coat 

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Madison Coat (Pale)

Ombre Cap (Deep Purple)

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