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The Anatomy of a Boy's Suit

The Anatomy of a Boy's Suit

What Are the Parts of A Boy’s Suit? 

What truly goes into the best formalwear fit for a boy? We at Appaman are here to give you the anatomy of a boy's suit, which typically consists of several key pieces including:

Anatomy of a boys suit
Jacket - The jacket, also known as a blazer, is the centerpiece of the suit, and is typically made from a combination of wool, polyester, or other materials. The jacket includes a button front, lapels, and pockets, and is designed to be worn over a dress shirt. 

Pants - The pants are a matching piece of the suit, and are designed to be worn with the jacket, but who says you can't mix and match? Check out Appaman's Separates Collection. Suit Pants are typically made from the same material as the jacket, and are designed with a zipper fly, pockets, and a waistband. All of Appaman's waistbands are adjustable for the best fit.

Dress Shirt - The dress shirt is mainly a white or light-colored shirt that is worn under the jacket. The dress shirt is typically made from cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, and is designed with a button front and collar. At Appaman, you can find a select styles of short sleeve or long sleeve dress shirts in many patterns, prints and colors. Find the basics within our Core Collection.

Tie - The tie is a long piece of cloth that is worn around the neck and is designed to be tied in a knot. A tie is typically worn with a suit, and is used to add color and style to the outfit. 

Belt - A belt is a piece of leather or other material that is worn around the waist to hold up the pants. A belt is typically worn with a suit, and is often made from the same material as the shoes, a sort of leather or leather alternative.

Shoes - Shoes are an important part of a suit, and should be made from a polished, dressy material such as leather. A boy's suit is typically worn with dress shoes, such as oxfords or loafers. 

These are the key pieces of a boy's suit, and the specific components may vary based on the style and design of the suit. A well-fitted boy's suit should be comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the occasion, and should provide a polished and professional look for the wearer.