Boys Ties & Belts

Boys Ties and Belts

If you already have a suit or formal wear for your kid and you're just looking for a little flair to spice up their look, accessories are an excellent choice. Maybe you even want to let your son pick out their accessories, so they feel happier about dressing up for the event.


Whether you're looking for classic or adorable bow ties, there are both classic colors and fun patterns available. You can even have your boy pick out his tie for the event! 

If you're looking for something new and fresh but still classic-looking, we recommend Appaman's new striped ties in Papyrus Stripe and Riviera Stripe or our Candy Dots Bow Tie.


A belt is essential for a proper formal-wear look. While you could use one of your son's day-to-day belts and call it good enough, a classic, streamlined black belt is a must if you want to really go for a formal look.

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