Matching Suit Sets

Anyone looking for true men's (and boy's) formal wear knows that a well-tailored and sophisticated suit is the peak. You can get suits in many colors, materials, cuts, and patterns to show your boy's personality while still ensuring that they are well-dressed and looking dapper for your upcoming event.

If you want to go a more traditional route, you could opt for a classic vintage black or navy suit set. But, if you want to play around a little more you could pick one of our new seaport velvet suit set, a checked suit set, or even a linen suit set. Appaman features a versatile range of options, from formal options to the surprisingly stylish mod suit shorts set. This variety, along with the flexible nature of our mod suits means your kid can rock an Appaman suit in almost any context, from casual get-togethers to formal events.

When it’s time for your boy to show off his formal style, Appaman suits have a unique look that will make him look his best.

The Mod Suit fits him with the same thoughtful tailoring, modern look, and slim, European cut found in men’s suits, but it’s made with kids in mind. 

The Mod Suit features:

  • Tailored fit
  • Adjustable elastic inner waistband
  • Multiple color choices
  • Various textures like velvet.
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