Introducing Appaman: A Childhood Friend Turned Fashion Brand

Harald Husum, the founder of Appaman, has a unique story to share. As a child, he had a special friend named Appaman, a corduroy ape given to him by his Aunt Esther. Together, they embarked on countless adventures, creating cherished memories in the fields and fjords of Norway, where Harald grew up.

Inspired by the values and experiences he shared with Appaman, Harald transformed this childhood friend into a thriving fashion brand. Appaman, the company, embodies the whimsical spirit of their youthful escapades and serves as a lasting tribute to their bond.

Through his commitment to excellence, Harald has ensured that Appaman continues to thrive. The logo and ethos of the brand pay homage to this beloved little monkey, who holds a special place in the hearts of many.
Discover the magic of Appaman—a brand built on friendship, adventure, and a commitment to creating exceptional products.