Size Chart

Appaman Kids Clothing Size Chart High Quality

Appaman Kids Clothing Size Chart High Quality
Appaman Kids Clothing Size Chart High Quality
Appaman Kids Clothing Size Chart High Quality




Our #1 most-asked question at Appaman customer service “what size should I buy for my kid?” Unfortunately, we don’t know your kid, but we made this gold-standard guide to getting the best Appaman fit possible.
(Keep in mind: At Appaman, we try to keep our sizing as consistent as possible so you know exactly what to expect. Occasionally, something will run bigger or smaller than normal, and when that happens, we will do our best to offer specific fit tips.)

Tip 1: Use the size chart!

Do not assume that the size corresponding with your child's age will be the right one. Kids come in all shapes and sizes, so that's just a starting point. This is especially true for older kids, where there’s a much wider range of sizes at a given age.
When in doubt, or if you are in between two sizes, we almost always recommend ordering the larger one, unless you have specific fit preferences (if so, keep reading)

Tip 2: Consider the child's body type and the cut or versatility of a particular style

Appaman runs true to size, but it’s based on a narrow cut. Also, our sizes are based on a garment having a fitted look, like you see on our models. That means, if your child is on the slim or lean side, they will likely wear their usual size and it will fit comfortably. If your child is not the long and lean type, and you are choosing something that’s slim-fitted like a "skinny fit" trouser, you might want to size up to allow for a more generous fit. This is less important if you’re ordering a more forgiving style like slouchy sweats or an elastic waist skirt.
Keep in mind:
  • Many of our woven pants and trousers have a hidden elastic band in the waist, so you can always cinch the waist smaller.
  • For some jackets, you can push up the sleeves or wear it long, so it can be worn a little big.
  • For some long, heavy coats, a little kid might get “swallowed” in an oversized jacket that is not very “scrunchable.”

Tip 3: Think about how YOU want the garment to fit. Do you need room to grow?

Here’s where your personal preference comes into play, especially if you’re between sizes. Plus, there’s no rule that you have to buy the size we suggest!

When you might decide to buy bigger size:

  • Your kid prefers her t-shirts big and baggy
  • You’re buying that flannel for an oversized, slouchy, ‘90s grunge look, and that’s not what the model photo shows.
  • You want to leave plenty of room for your kid to grow into
  • You expect to wear a lot of layers underneath

When you shouldn’t get a bigger size than the chart recommends:

  • You really like the fitted look you see on our models and want it to look like the picture
  • You are shopping for an upcoming event, and it’s important that the garment fits “just right” according to your kid’s current size – “room to grow” is not necessary

Bonus Tips: Suits and Fine Tailoring 

Most of our fit questions are about our Fine Tailoring Collection, specifically the Mod Suit.

Here’s how to buy a suit:

  • Check the size chart
    • For pants, a long-enough inseam is the most important thing.
    • For blazers and full Mod Suits, you’ll want to pay attention to chest measurements and shoulder measurements
  • Don’t order a size bigger unless you really need to