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Growing with Appaman

Growing with Appaman

As your little one grows, their passion for fashion grows too. Figuring out which “style” your child falls under might be tricky. But, it’s now all up to them– well, for the most part. It may make you feel sad, but as your child develops, so does their personal style.

Their creativity conquers and their individual interests spark. That could be through trying new sports, painting, or even putting together their own fashionable fits. At Appaman, you can find items that make getting ready, easy– and that bring out the creativity and uniqueness of your little one.

According to a study, children can start developing a 'fashion sense' at the ripe age of 7. At this time, kids are distinguishing their own unique style, eliminating clothing they’re not so enthusiastic about. Sorry Mom and Dad, it’s time to retire those light-up sneaks you once loved seeing them dance in!

Luckily, a brand like Appaman is a perfect example of a way to find transitional apparel for kiddos toddler to tween. With it’s NYC-youth inspired ambiance, kids are certain to be on trend, while remaining unique to themselves. Appaman takes a twist with a Scandinavian perspective on Ameripop iconic imagery.

Appaman is known for their exquisite boys' suits that come in a variety of styles, colors and textures. Also well known for their outerwear collection, your kid can be stylin’ on the playground, but still have the comfort to move and play like a kid!

Give your kid some street cred, wear Appaman.