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Boys Jackets and Coats From Appaman

Keeping your kids warm and comfortable no matter the season is one of many parents’ main concerns when shopping for children’s clothes. As winter approaches, so does the time to start bundling up your kids with new coats and jackets for boys and girls.Appaman has you covered for all of your winter clothing needs. Appaman offers a broad line of boys’ jackets with plenty of options for colors, patterns, and fabrics. Find out some of the best boys’ jackets Appaman offers its customers to help them stay warm, safe, and happy this winter and all year.

Boys’ Puffer Jackets

You can’t go wrong with a puffer jacket to help your child stay warm during winter. Appaman has many options for boys’ puffer coats. Appaman’s puffer jackets are warm, lightweight, and stylish to ensure your child loves his new coat.

Appaman offers water-resistant, down-filled puffer jackets with synthetic insulation filling for ultimate warmth. Appaman’s puffer coats are comfortable and versatile and retain their shape and design no matter how often worn or washed. In terms of high-quality boys’ jackets, Appaman’s puffer coats are hard to beat.

Consider boys’ jacket options for your child aged 2-14, like Appaman’s Summit Puffer Coat, Base Camp Puffer, and Featherweight Down Puffer. If your child loves the puffer jacket style, you can also get him a puffer vest for the warmer seasons.

Down Coats

Appaman’s down coat options aren’t limited to its Featherweight Down Puffer. The extensive line of boys’ jackets includes traditional down coats filled with natural, warm duck down feathers. The feathers offer a high-quality, insulated solution to stay warm no matter how cold winter gets.

Appaman’s boys’ Denali Down Coats have many features that your children will love. Your child can get creative and keep the coat versatile by removing the faux fur-lined hood or staying warm with ribbed inner sleeve cuffs. On top of that, Appaman’s boys’ down coats have a high collar and the perfect snap placket for anything your child wants to bring along with them.

Appaman’s down coats come in various colors to guarantee that you and your child are satisfied with the overall warmth and style of the coat’s unique design. Whether your kid wants a Denali Down Coat in black, charcoal, herringbone, or grey, Appaman has everything you need to keep your son happy and warm this winter.

Bomber Jackets

There’s something effortlessly stylish about a bomber jacket, and Appaman’s BX Bomber boys’ jacket is no exception. The BX Bomber jacket offers extra comfort for your child with a fully-lined, hooded sweatshirt with a quilted bomber layered on top.

The BX Bomber is water-resistant, lightweight, and dries quickly after washing. The inner sweatshirt lining brings extra comfort and warmth to the jacket while giving it a unique style that your kid will be raving about.

New Gotham Coat

Appaman’s New Gotham Coats are perfect for protecting your son from the elements and keeping him warm and comfortable no matter the weather. The New Gotham Coat is warm, protective, and water and wind-resistant to guarantee that the weather is no match for your child. With the New Gotham Coat, your son can keep the city safe while staying bundled up in the harsh winter weather.

The line of New Gotham Coats from Appaman comes in multiple colors, like navy blue, black, and Gotham plaid. No matter which one is your son’s favorite, he’s sure to be satisfied with this stylish solution.

City Overcoat

Overcoats are a classic, stylish look regardless of age. Appaman’s 100% cotton and textured City Overcoat brings back the classics better than ever before. Appaman’s City Overcoat will keep your son formal and warm with features including a notched lapel and spacious, functional pockets over a zippered interior placket.

Appaman’s City Overcoat is perfect for winter events where you want everyone in the family to look composed and formal but don’t want to sacrifice your kid’s comfort. The stunning charcoal glen plaid design of the City Overcoat is sure to keep your son comfortable and stylish.

Woodland Jacket

Appaman’s boys’ jackets have you covered for every season. The Woodland Jacket is one of the best options for your child as the weather starts to cool down or during the unpredictable temperatures when we transition into spring.

The Woodland Jacket comes in a stylish carbon camo color and a red buffalo plaid design that are suitable for any season. Appaman’s Woodland Jacket is inspired by those long, languid weekend getaways and adventures in the woods. For parents with children that love to explore the great outdoors, Appaman’s Woodland Jacket is the perfect choice to keep your son comfortable and cozy during his outdoor adventures. The Woodland Jacket is also perfect for layering when the weather gets cooler.

Turnstile Jacket

Coats for transitional weather are an essential part of any closet, including your children’s. Nothing is more uncomfortable than not having a coat for the strange in-between weather that transitions us into a new season. Your son no longer needs to feel too hot or too cold during turbulent weather with Appaman’s Turnstile Jacket.

Appaman’s Turnstile Jacket has a stylish textured body and a built-in puffer vest for layered styles and keeping warm when the snow starts to hit the ground. The Turnstile Jacket is perfect for warm and cold days in fall, and on warmer days, your child can remove the sleeves from his coat easily and turn the coat into a vest for the day.

The Turnstile Jacket from Appaman’s boys’ jackets is water-resistant and lightweight to keep your child comfortable as he explores the outdoors. The jacket dries quickly, so if it rains on your child’s outdoor adventures, he can rest assured that it won’t be too long until he can head back outside.

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Appaman has everything you need to keep your children warm and happy this winter. No matter your son's style, you can find the best option from Appaman's boys' jackets. Find some of our most popular boys jackets in our outerwear guide.

Don't hesitate to start preparing for the freezing weather. Shop Appaman today to get the best jacket for your son and find additional styles for your daughter.


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