Boys Dress Shirts

Boys Dress Shirts

There’s no age requirement on fine style. High-quality and comfortable boys dress shirts are available from Appaman in multiple colors for your child’s special event. 

These standard dress shirts combine classic style with a variety of patterns and colors to compliment any outfit. Jacket on or off, your child is sure to feel confident and comfortable in their new clothes. 

The following patterns and colors of standard boys dress shirts are currently available at Appaman. Find the size and style that works for your child, no matter the occasion! Let us help you get your child ready for weddings, family portraits, parties and more.

Solid Colors

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a simple, solid color. Our boys dress shirts come in a variety of light, warm colors that compliment whatever bottoms, jackets or accessories your child might be wearing. 


Sizes available: 2T to 16

A classic for a reason, white dress shirts are a staple of any wardrobe, and your child is no exception! A soft, pure white button up shirt is the ideal choice for those looking for versatility. Pair this shirt with any sports jacket or blazer to complete the outfit. 

Part of our core collection, this solid white dress shirt is far from boring. Pair it with a bright pocket square or a colorful tie for a little touch of character. 

Oxford White

Sizes available: 2T to 16

Another classic color, the Oxford white is just a touch crisper with a slight bluish-gray, two-tone pattern that is both durable and formal. The cut of our Oxford white sports shirts is comfortable enough for casual wear while still retaining the high-class formality of a dress shirt for all occasions. 

Don’t let the simplicity of this dress shirt fool you; it’s a powerful design that can be worn year-round. 


Sizes available: 2T to 16

A favorite color of many young children, you won’t have to fight to get your kid into this light blue dress shirt. The white buttons pop, and any accessories or other clothing colors will set nicely against this shirt’s cool blue background. 

Blue is such a handy color to have on-hand in your child’s closet. This light robin’s egg blue fits any occasion from formal dinners to birthday party photos. Don’t be surprised if your child wants to wear this dress shirt everywhere they go!

Novelty Lavender

Sizes available: 2T to 16

Sometimes you need a little extra color. Your child will love this shirt’s deep lavender hue and soft, comfortable fit. With clear buttons and a left-side breast pocket, your child can dress to the nines with elegant simplicity. 

Lavender is fantastically easy to color match, looking just as stunning against deep blacks as it does next to bright whites. No matter what pants or suit your child wants to wear, this lavender shirt will compliment it greatly. 


Sizes available: 2T to 16

Another core collection classic, our grey dress shirts are sleek and sophisticated without sacrificing comfort or fun. Your child will love buttoning up this standard shirt and stepping out as the life of the party. 

Like most of our solid color dress shirts, the grey option feels at home at many different events. Roll back the sleeves for a casual look or add a dark bow tie to complete a more formal outfit.

Wild Orchid

Sizes available: 2T to 16

The perfect color for springtime holidays or weddings, wild orchid is a light, breezy color that goes well with blue, grey, black and more. If your child has a bold spirit and gravitates towards more colorful clothes, they’ll love the opportunity to bring some pizzazz to their formal wear. 

A fun yet formal colorful shirt is every parent’s secret weapon when it’s time to get the kids dressed up. Keep this dress shirt on hand to make sure your child has some color to add to any formal outfit. 

Patterned Dress Shirts

At Appaman, we also offer plenty of patterned boys dress shirts for the flashier occasion. From small patterns that still convey a high level of formality to bigger, bolder prints that let your child’s personality shine, there’s a patterned shirt here for every situation.

Mediterranean Plaid

Sizes available: 2T to 16

A bolder style for the bolder child. This plaid pattern combines sea green and light blue to create a subtle yet colorful statement shirt that pops right out from behind any dark jacket. 

Unlike other Mediterranean plaid fabrics that can be heavy and blocky, our design carries more subtlety with thinner lines and gentler colors, perfect for family get-togethers, formal dinners and everything in between.

Yellow Cake Plaid

Sizes available: 2T to 16

This shirt combines a gentle Easter color scheme with a plaid design that’s perfect for outdoor events and parties. Watch your child steal the spotlight in every photograph with this timeless, colorful shirt. 

This shirt speaks for itself and needs no help making a statement. A simple black dress belt and some dark pants are all that’s needed to take this shirt from fun design to full formal outfit. 

Spring Bouquet

Sizes available: 2T to 16

Is your child boisterous and bubbly, with a personality that just can’t be contained? The spring bouquet is definitely our brightest shirt, the spring bouquet adds a major pop of flare to any outfit and lets your child express themselves. 

Flashier dress shirts like this pair perfectly with more muted accessories and simpler clothes, like a plain black tie or dark blue jeans. But rules are meant to be broken! So let your child mix and match this colorful shirt with whatever stays true to their style: slacks, jeans, or let it pop out from inside one of our boys blazers!

Pale Blue Check

Sizes available: 2T to 16

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