Make your own Appaman Foldable

You're just a few snips and folds away from having your very own pocket-sized monkey pal!

You may know that Appaman, Inc. was inspired by and named after the childhood companion of our founder, Harald Husum. When Harald was a kid growing up in Norway, he had a stuffed corduroy monkey named Appaman (“monkey man” in Norwegian) who accompanied him on many fantastic adventures through the fields and fjords. The original Appaman now lives at Appaman HQ in NYC, and while he doesn’t go on as many adventures as he used to, he continues to inspire us, reminding us of the spirit of adventure and imagination of those youthful times.

Now, you can make your very own Appaman to accompany you on your adventures, wherever they may take you. And…it’s free! All you need is a printer, scissors, and either tape or glue.

Click here to download the printable PDF, cut it out, and assemble your 3-D papercraft Appaman figure according to the included instructions.

We recommend using 8.5x11 cardstock if you have it, but regular printer paper works just fine too.

Don’t forget to share your adventures with us! We’d love to document all the shenanigans that Appaman is getting into all over the world. Take a photo of your paper Appaman, post it on Instagram, tag us (@appaman) and hashtag your photo #appamanfoldable. Be sure to tell us where he is!

For a limited time we’re including one paper foldable, pre-printed in full color on glossy cardstock, in every order. This special thank you gift for our customers is ready for you to cut, fold, glue, and — most importantly — play with!

(Remember kids, please enlist the help of an adult when using sharp objects, especially around tricky corner)


Click here to download

Happy crafting!

- Appaman HQ